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My spring here at Mocha Club has been such an enjoyable and valuable experience. I have grown as a person through what I have learned both through action and observation.

  I have grown in both confidence and understanding through this internship, and I am constantly learning. Each task has offered me lessons in persistence, patience, creativity, and balance. I get as much out of tagging scarves and typing names and addresses into Excel documents as I do when I write Mochatern Monday posts or craft pictures for social media. Everything I have done has been made better by the thought of how my duties are contributing to a larger, beautiful, giving picture.

  I have learned so much from the Mocha Club team- what it means to spend one’s life in service to others, what it means to care for people so very removed from our personal world, what it means to love people because they are people. There is something about these people that I don’t think you can find everywhere. Humility. Dedication. Faith. The belief that what they are doing really matters. The continual knowledge that people need them. It’s a beautiful way in which they live.

Intern at the Mocha Club!


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