UPDATE : Anna from “One Woman’s Story”

IMG_3398A couple weeks ago, we shared Anna’s story with you – a woman who fell into prostitution in the streets of Ethiopia in desperation to support herself and her daughter. Through the worked done by Women at Risk and supported by members of the Mocha Club, Anna was rescued off the streets & started participating in the program. She received counseling, child care for her daughter, and a safe place to be.

Today, we received an update from the staff at Ellilta -Women at Risk about Anna and her progress through the program.

Anna is currently in the structural counseling program, but she also started working some job skills washing clothes and cleaning a barber shop in order to support her income. She started living with her sister to share expenses for the house and meals and things were going very well. Then one day, she found a written letter from her sister saying “Am gone search me no more”. She also received a call from her mom who was sick and needed looking after. These challenges postponed Anna from attending the rehabilitation program and was absent for two days without informing to the social workers and they decided togo to her house to know the reason why she was absent. Anna was completely surprised but also excited when she saw the social workers – in the midst of feeling worthless & like no one care for her, the visit by E-WAR staff encouraged her and she realized she DID have someone who cared for her.

After hearing Anna’s story, the staff decided to contribute some money to help pay for her rent so she could support her mother. Currently Anna has returned to the program at Women at Risk and is using her job skills training to prepare fast food meals to sell.

“The challenges I faced makes me to come up with solutions so am no more afraid of any challenges.”

Support women like Anna

*Out of respect & safety of our partners, names have been changed.

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