The Power of Yes

As Mocha Club President, Emily Blackledge is constantly on the move meeting with leaders, pastors, donors, and friends of our organization — those that want to learn more about life in Africa, how we are involved & how, as a community, we get to work together to make an impact in this world. After several encouraging and inspiring conversations last week, she shared with us her musings of what she wants this “work” to be about…

I want to expand the margins and boundaries we build around us. I no longer want to fight against something…but for something. I want my life to be about the positive – the propelling movement into the future, not the raging battle against the negative. I believe by being for the positive, it is in fact more powerful than standing against something. I want to say “yes” more often. “No” is limiting; it fights against something; it defines the negative. “Yes” is powerful. It invites as opposes to divides. It speaks to what we have, not what we lack. It’s a powerful tool for inclusion. It’s a means to fight for, to stand for, to work toward. It means I have something to offer – my “yes” defines what I can give or be or extend. I want to say “yes” as often as possible. Yes to opportunity, to possibility, to movement. Yes.

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