Meet a Member: Fallon

Meet Fallon. Fallon works for Mocha Club and is passionately supportive of our partners like Irene. Twelve years ago, a 10-year-old girl in Nashville heard a call to care for those with physical needs in Africa. Over a period of time, she, her family, an army of volunteers and Irene linked arms to put on a race in Nashville to raise funds for New Dawn. The race was so successful, they ran it 9 more times.

Irene’s vision was to take an idea that was started here in the US and tweak it to work in Africa. With the blessing of the race volunteers and this young girl, Irene boldly decided to take the idea and invite local Kenyans to help financially support New Dawn. On August 11th, 2018, Irene will be running the 2nd annual Run For Hope in Nairobi, Kenya. Earlier this year, when Irene asked for help and guidance, encouragement, and helpers, Fallon was all in. Along with here, a group of four people from Nashville jumped on a plane to help Irene facilitate this race.

When we asked Fallon why she was going she said “whenever I see someone giving from themselves for someone else’s benefit, I want to be a part of it. I love being a part of a community of givers that are helping a community of dreamers.” Of Irene she said “Irene and New Dawn are a clear picture of the word unstoppable. A woman had a dream to provide education for kids in her community. Logistics, costs, labor, and details did not stop her. Her own self-doubt did not stop her. And now, the kids that attend New Dawn are also unstoppable. Their lack of resources or situation in life do not stop them from achieving their dream to go to school and learn. They are a constant example to me of how to push through my own circumstances and be unstoppable in my dreams and desires.”

When Fallon referenced her own skills and resources she said, “I have been given the gift of time and money and I want to use them well. The Lord has given me a heart to learn and appreciate people and cultures of all kinds and any opportunity to learn more – and love more – I want to take.

Follow Fallon and her team on Instagram and Facebook as they travel across Kenya and support and encourage the New Dawn staff and students.

Also, you can meet the members of the 2018 Mocha Club Journey team here!

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