You are one of the greatest ways to change the world

At Mocha Club, we believe you are one of the greatest ways to change the world and fight extreme poverty. Because you have assets that no one else does. The things you’ve learned, the things you love, the experiences you’ve had are all resources you can use to better the world around you. We’ve seen people just like you transform their communities and create lasting impact. And we believe that the more friends who are willing to be a part of this international community of change-makers, the bigger the reach of real and sustainable change we can create across Africa.

But instead of telling you about how valuable your role can be, it’s easier to show it to you…

Mocha Club is an international community of change-makers who:

  • Leverage who we are
  • Give what we have
  • Use what we know
  • Learn what we don’t

To fight extreme poverty and leave an impact we know will last across Africa. 

Will you join our community of change-makers?

We want to learn more about you and your unique value! If you fill out the following survey, we can update you on places and opportunities we learn about where you can use your skills to change the world. And we’d love to send you a free magnet so don’t forget to include your mailing address! Don’t worry, we’ll take care not to barrage your inbox or mailbox!

Take our short survey!

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