This is Change in Uganda

Meet Geoffrey. He is another change-maker in this global community you are a part of through Mocha Club. For the last 20 years, he has fought tirelessly to see Uganda flourish from the inside out. Despite war, poverty, refugee crises, and abduction, Geoffrey passionately believes Ugandans can dream and develop a thriving country if they learn, work, and problem solve together. He is unwavering in his dream to see the next generation of Ugandans start from a more sustainable, stable, and successful place than he did.

He is playing the part he is uniquely made for and gifted to play. Geoffrey and his wife Jennifer are dedicated and tremendously gifted teachers. Remember your one teacher who was crazy about what they taught and their passion seemed to spill over to you? That’s Geoffrey and Jennifer! T hey use that passion and energy to push and encourage the next generation of leaders to dream and build thriving, sustainable communities.

Thank you for walking alongside men and women like Geoffrey and Jennifer. There are many roles in this international community and we couldn’t make this kind of impact without you.

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