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The extraordinary at New Dawn : guest post by Angel Snow

What an experience it was for me to be welcomed to such an extraordinary environment where children are taken in and loved as they truly are.  Visiting New Dawn and their staff had an impact on me that I can’t fully put into words.

New Dawn Educational Center was built to restore hope and bring healing to the Huruma Village and their children. And it is their vision to develop their students mentally, socially, spiritually and physically in accordance with Luke 2:52.

I found myself spending time with several of their talented staff including David who teaches biology and chemistry and is the academic master for New Dawn High School.

He was kind enough to share his experiences as an educator and how humble these kids are.

Song “Maze” from singer/songwriter, Angel Snow

All I know for sure is the love and confidence that shine through these students at New Dawn comes from a source beyond us yet also exists in the hearts of the brilliant staff that God has chosen to lead them into a better way of life.

To be born into an environment where the living situation is not ideal, and to eventually be seated in a place where education, unconditional love, spiritual and emotional support flow from God’s chosen people is such a blessing beyond anything I can imagine. It must be such a life changing experience that only they can fully tell you about! I am so thankful to know that there are critical changes taking place all over the world today especially at New Dawn School. I know my experience there is only scratching the surface of what God has in store for these children and the generations to come.

I can’t wait to return! So happy to be a part of something so extraordinary!

Angel Snow, Mocha Club Journey 2018 trip member

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Mocha Club Journey Stop #1 : New Dawn Educational Centre

Next summer we are headed out on a journey to Africa to visit Ethiopia and Kenya! Our trips provide an opportunity for Mocha Club members and their friends to visit Africa and witness firsthand what giving up a few mochas a month can do, while having a chance to serve the African people. 

We will take the next couple of weeks to introduce you each of the spots we will be visiting on our journey!

First up: our partners at New Dawn Educational Centre.

We will start our journey traveling to the Huruma slum, the location of New Dawn Educational Center. The Huruma slum provides an interesting contrast to the urban city of Nairobi. Driving into Huruma is like a trip into another world, where dirt roads extend into a maze of small, shack-like houses. We will travel into the slum and drive past the tight groupings of small houses, built primarily out of scrap wood and sheets of metal, giving us an idea of the living conditions of the New Dawn students.

We will spend the day at the New Dawn Educational Center, learning about the students and the services provided by the school.

We will have a chance to interact with students and teachers, see the classrooms, and visit the garden that the school cultivates. We will spend the remainder or the day engaging and serving under the direction of the school’s founder Irene Tongoi.

The following day we will travel back to Huruma and spend the day learning more about the students who live in the slum. The slum itself is notoriously ridden with drug and alcohol issues that have kept many of its inhabitants in poverty. We will learn about the opportunity that New Dawn provides for its students within this environment and continue to engage. This visit is intended to provide perspective and understanding of the lives of the students at New Dawn, and we will spend our time serving them in whatever ways we can.


(or download the application & mail in):

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Before and After : New Dawn Educational Center

As kids in the U.S. are now settling back into school, we celebrate a school that is near and dear to our hearts here at Mocha Club.  For many years, you’ve heard stories encircling New Dawn Educational Center and it’s many students who have graduated through the years.

Since March of 2009 when New Dawn opened it’s doors, 231 students have graduated high school to go on to higher education or a working career.  Thank you for being part of supporting these kids by providing school fees, materials, and food for them to thrive in their journey of education. Today, we celebrate by sharing photos of New Dawn these past six years. Share the impact with your family and friends. Remind them that small sacrifices really CAN make a big impact. You can see to believe…








Original Classroom Building

Resource Center Constrction







New Building


More stories from New Dawn:

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THANK YOU from Irene and the students from New Dawn!

It’s already August and back to school season is in full swing.  As students gear up to go back to class in the States, the kids over in Kenya are also excited for the new year!

We received a beautiful thank you note from our partner Irene and her students at New Dawn Educational Centre, thanking all of YOU for your support for the school and the new classrooms.  Read their inspiring words below and follow them on Facebook to get updates on how the school year progresses in the new classrooms!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.03.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.03.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.16.54 PM


Make a small sacrifice to provide education for the next generation of leaders in Africa and make a big impact.

Join the club.

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New classrooms at New Dawn!

There has been some major work and renovations being done over in Kenya at New Dawn Education Centre and it’s all THANKS TO YOU!

 Annie shared her heart for Mocha Club and Education through her 10K Purpose Project and she asked you to join her to support our teachers and students with four new classrooms. And you did!  Your small sacrifices have turned multiple classrooms of hot shipping containers into a cool center for learning and success for everyone stepping through the doors.  Check out the progress…


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3

Not a member but want to join us in supporting Education?  Join for $18/month and change your small sacrifices into a big impact.  As, a THANK YOU, we will send you a free  in-house designed print by Jessi from Naptime Diaries + Lindsay from Lindsay Letters AND two autographed copies of “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie Downs + “Speak” by Nish Weiseth.

Already a member? Share this post and invite a friend or family member to join the club and BOTH of you will receive all these items for free as a THANK YOU!


Celebrating Solar at New Dawn!

Work on the installation of solar panels to further the “greening” of New Dawn Education Centre in Kenya began in April. The installation team from the U.S. was received by the New Dawn Community with a ceremony and dedication for the solar power project. The ceremony was an outpouring of thanksgiving, song and dance. The project is set to eliminate costs for energy for many years to come and will serve as a source for running the computer lab, charging e-readers and other appliances around the school. The solar power project is one of many innovative features of New Dawn aimed at environmental and economic sustainability and furthers their status as the pride of the Huruma slum community in Kenya.

Solar Panel New Dawn Kenya

Later in the summer, the school was visited by a group known as the Forum Theatre. The group is made up of various artists including: singers, dancers, thespians and spoken-word artists from the Eastlands area of Nairobi. The Forum Theatre acted and sang over the course of two afternoons, presenting creative stories of living out one’s faith. Students reported that this was a refreshing opportunity to learn and share experiences outside the classroom setting.

New Dawn


New Dawn Student Wins Nationwide Competition

8639782683_32db48d6bc_bRecently, the International School of Kenya (ISK), a highly esteemed school near Nairobi, Kenya, launched an essay writing competition. Winners would receive the “Global Hearts Scholarship” (GHS), a prize of free attendance to an academic conference for young leaders. The competition required high school students throughout the country to write essays based on how they were making a difference in their communities. One of New Dawn’s students Rosslyne Anyango, a 12th grader, was among those chosen to win the scholarship and attend a four day conference organized and hosted by ISK. Rosslyne was truly overwhelmed by her win and came back from the conference full of new ideas and learnings that she was eager to share.

“Attending the conference motivated me to realize that I can do things I otherwise thought impossible. It also developed in me a keen sense of community responsibility and engaging in various ways to make a difference. I felt empowered. I need to be idealistic and have a passion for what I hope to achieve in life,” said Rosslyne after returning to New Dawn.

Mocha Club members investing in the future of Africa’s youth through education continue to make it possible for students like Rosslyne to not only have access to education, but to excel and reinvest in their communities.


Shining in the Slums: New Dawn Students Get e-readers!

On a recent trip to Kenya, we had the opportunity to introduce Worldreader (a partnering organization that gives people in the developing world access to digital books) to the teachers and students of New Dawn Education Center. Together, our organizations were able to provide 60 e-readers to students and staff, each loaded with 100 books that will help to supplement the existing library. The e-readers will be available for checkout in the library and for teachers to use in the classroom to present creative and effective lessons.

Digital books are one of the most innovative ways to provide schools in the developing world with an array of library materials. Each e-reader has the potential to hold 3000 books, which is incredible considering this is a place where physical books are practically nonexistent. The students and staff are deeply grateful and celebrated with a ceremony earlier this month including dancing and singing “Light Your Candle, go Light the World.”

>> for more on the e-reader launch, check out worldreader’s blog.

Check out photos of students at New Dawn, an education project supported by Mocha Club members, seeing the e-readers for the first time:





Stacked and Ready at New Dawn

The stacking and connecting is nearly complete at New Dawn Education Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya! The picture above shows the vision and progress of the 40 foot shipping containers and how they are being used to transform the lives of local students.

There are still a number of finishing touches that need to be added to this amazing facility, but we are excited to see this move from “project” status to a full-fledged, thriving, educational centre.

The facility will house a 200 seat assembly hall, a teacher workroom, chemistry/physics lab, biology/agriculture lab, a library, and a computer lab all strategically tucked into 5,700 square feet.

The hope of the future for New Dawn is “teaching to transform” the lives of 160 disadvantaged students from the slums of Huruma and Githogoro.

The opportunity that has been brought into Huruma and Githogoro couldn’t have been possible without our awesome Mocha Club Members and their passion for education!