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Meet our new President, Emily Blackledge.

We’re kicking off the new year with an announcement that Emily Blackledge has been promoted from within by the Board of Directors and will now serve as the organization’s new President.

Emily Blackledge most recently served as the Vice President of International Program for Mocha Club. She has been part of the staff since 2010 and involved with the organization since 2005. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, she completed her undergraduate degree in International Political Economy at Belmont University, then spent time in Washington DC working with the President’s Initiative for Workforce Development. Blackledge received her Master’s degree in International Relations and African Studies from Boston University before returning to Nashville in 2008. She has taught international development and international politics at Belmont University and was the Sam Walton Fellow in charge of international projects for the Belmont chapter of ENACTUS before joining Mocha Club in 2010. Emily and her husband Rob live in Nashville with their son Fletcher.

“Emily has played an integral role in our international operations since 2010, and the Board and I are confident in her leadership capabilities. We look forward to working with her in this capacity,” says Chairman of the Board Jerry Heffel, formerly the President of The Southwestern Company.

“My previous role allowed me to travel and see first hand the great impact Mocha Club members are having in communities across Africa. My new role will allow me to share those stories even more here at home, to tell more people about the very real impact of their everyday generosity – something I’ve seen and experienced up close the past several years — and of our collective power to ignite change. I couldn’t be more excited about that going forward,” says Blackledge.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Mocha Club will host an Open House at their office in Brentwood. The public is invited and encouraged to come meet Emily and learn more about the future of the organization.

Donuts & Mochas Open House
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 • 7:30am – 9:30am at the Mocha Club Offices
500 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite 117 Brentwood, TN 37027

Meet Amana

African girl portrait.I am 13 years old, I have 3 brothers and I am the only girl. My dad died when I was 8 years old.

Deep Trauma…

When my dad was alive, I was his only daughter and he cherished me. I was in a good school, well dressed, and enjoyed family time. When he died everything suddenly changed. There was no food and no money to pay school fees or buy clothes. Life became very hard. My aunts and uncles came and took all of our inheritances, sold our home for money and took my brothers and me, not to help us, but for selling. We suffered a lot. I was able to escape with one of my brothers and return to our mom. When I woke up each day, I would see my dear dad in my broken heart. I would remember a good time and I would begin to weep.

New Hope…

One day, I was selected to participate in a workshop about trauma healing. This was a great time for me, to get a new direction to my life.  There, I met with other orphans living in the same or worse situations than me. It was a good time to heal my wounded heart.  At the end they gave me a precious gift, which is now my new friend.  When I feel alone my gift, my Bible, speaks to me. When I read it, it comforts me, gives me hope, and brings light to my future. It shows to me that I am not alone. I am with Jesus Christ, a great friend and a Dad for orphans.

Saving lives…from the young to the old

UntitledToday is World Malaria Day!

First let us say a big THANK YOU for being part of sustainable health solutions that not only combat the threat of malaria but provide basis health care for communities in Kenya.  New Dawn Clinic is a neighboring health care facility on the campus of New Dawn Academy that not only serves the students in school but also the people in the surrounding community of the Huruma slum. You are impacting thousands of lives from babies to the elderly…here are just three of those stories:

The Young

A one year old baby visited the child welfare clinic and was severely underweight to the point of malnutrition. She has been a special client for the staff at New Dawn clinic – despite both low social and economic status of the mother, they have been supporting her nutritionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

So far the progress is quite good.

She is gaining weight and this is a good indicator of progress. The mother appreciates their daily care home visits and prayers we share together which has lifted her spirit.

The Adult

A patient visited New Dawn Clinic with a history of cough for more than two weeks, weight loss, and diarrhea. He was counseled and tested for HIV & was found positive. He also received positive results for Tuberculosis & was immediately provided with ARVs and Anti-Tb’s to fight both diseases. The clinic staff did a follow up at his home and advised on good and proper ventilation so as to reduce the transmission of the Tuberculosis. They continued with counseling two times a week and a home visit nightly.

Currently, his progress is good. They are continuing with both psychological and spiritual counseling and home visits.

The Elderly

We visited this client at his home at the nearby slum Huruma after complaints urine retention, tremors, and weakness of both upper and lower limbs.

Daily home care was started immediately. One week later he was transferred to the home of the elderly where he was being monitored.

Since the clinic started attending the patient, much improvement has been reported. In October the patient was discharged from the home for the elderly back to his home at Huruma slum. Since the discharge date, the clinic has been visiting him weekly for supportive and preventive care.

This client comes to the clinic weekly checkups and the family is so happy and has appreciated the prayers and support we offer them each day.

EXCLUSIVE Acoustic Video from VERIDIA

Watch the NEW EXCLUSIVE Video from VERIDIA

“Still Breathing” (Summer Sessions)

“I am honored to be able to partner with an organization like Mocha Club who is helping change the lives of women in Ethiopia. The work Mocha Club does is close to my heart and something I’ve been passionate about for years, spreading awareness to end the sex trade that tragically spans our world. To be able to share the stories of these women and support them directly is just a start, and we’re so proud to stand with them in their triumph.” – Deena Jakoub

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.52.47 PM

Learn More about Mocha Club:

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See VERIDIA this Fall!

veridia_banner 1280x1280  Sept 15 // Birmingham, AL // Workplay Theatre

  Sept 16 // Little Rock, AR // Stickyz Shack

  Sept 17 // Houston, TX // Warehouse Live Studio

Sept 18 // Dallas, TX // Cambridge Room @ HOB

Sept 19 // Oklahoma City, OK // 89th Street Collective

Sept 22 // Springfield, MO // Outland Ballroom

Sept 23 // Kansas City, MO // The Record Bar (18+)

 More dates at


Join the Club with Becca Bradley!


Becca Bradley Press Shot  WHITEI am so excited to be linking arms with the Mocha Club as an artist sponsor! The fact that God could use my music and ministry to change the lives of people in need across the globe is truly overwhelming. I’ll never forget the first time I heard some of the stories of the women that Mocha Club reaches through their Economic Freedom program in Nazaret, Ethiopia. Countless women and children in Nazaret are forced into lives of prostitution as a desperate attempt to get out of poverty, but it becomes a vicious cycle that slowly eats away at their dignity.  Mocha Club comes alongside these women to provide spiritual, emotional and psychological counseling and to help them find alternate means of income to support them and their families.   When I heard the stories of these women, and when I saw their beautiful faces, I knew I had to do something.  For the cost of just a few lattes or mochas a month, you could change the lives of some amazing women who are so deserving of a chance at life and freedom.  Please take a few minutes out of your day to pray about joining me and the Mocha Club in our quest to restore hope and dignity to the least of these.  –Becca


Bring hope, restore dignity and change lives for $18 a month.

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Use the Promo Code: BECCA to receive a FREE SCARF made by the women in Ethiopia when you join.