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Join Us at the 7th Birthday Party – For Just $9!!

In case you missed the announcement .. tickets are just $9! make sure you grab yours before they’re all gone — you don’t want to miss this night of music + celebration!


Want more info? Check out the 7th Bday FAQs

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Mocha Club’s 7th Birthday FAQs


Why are you having a Birthday Party?
We are celebrating 7 years of giving up $7 a month!

Who is playing at this thing?
Some of our fabulous Mocha Club artists — including Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Drew + Ellie Holcomb, Will Anderson from ParachuteErnie Halter, Katie Herzig, and more…

Ok, so there’s music. What else?
Oh, so much. It’s gonna be a party. A food truck outside before it starts, a photo booth inside, tons of free coffee + cupcakes, and videos celebrating where we’ve been and where we’re going! And some surprise special guests. You don’t want to miss it.

Did you say food truck? 
Yup. It’s confirmed. Both THE GRILLED CHEESERIE and MOOVERS and SHAKERS will be there starting at 5:30 serving dinner — bring some cash & come hungry!

Is fashionABLE involved too?
Oh yah. There’s gonna be a fashion show where the Fall Collection will be launched. And everybody at the party will get exclusive discount codes to be the first to purchase the new scarves!! (don’t know what fashionABLE is? check it out here.)

How much does it cost?
ONLY $9!!! Whoa!!  [Buy tickets here]

What if I don’t live in Nashville?
You can watch online via LIVE STREAM for just $5! [Buy tickets here]

When is the event?
Tuesday, August 28 at 7pm.
General Admission doors will be at 6:30. (but come early for food trucks – see above!)

Where is this going down?
Rocketown: a music venue in downtown Nashville. The address is 601 4th Avenue South. Parking is on the opposite side of the building (look for signs).

Is parking free?

What if I have more questions?
No problem. Email and we’ll try our best to answer them.

Is this going to be the most exciting party ever?

Interested in sponsoring/partnering with the event? Email us for details!

Give Them Hope, and They Will Rise

The oppression of women and their freedoms throughout Africa fuels many of the worst epidemics spread widely across the continent. In her opinion article found on CNN online, controversial Kenyan radio voice and writer, Caroline Mukoto, lists five things African women need in order to rise up and successfully walk in the freedom they deserve.

Women are not only a counterpart to male leaders in our world but are “the backbone of our nation and their success will lead to the success of Africa,” Mukoto said.

Throughout the five needs listed, education, economic empowerment, access to health care, exposure and hope, Mukoto tells personal testimonials of her mum and grandmother and how the areas directly impacted their success.

“Nowhere is it as clear as it is in Africa that educating a woman is educating a nation,” Mukoto said.

To give and provide African women these five vital needs, Mukoto believes the success of Africa can occur. To read more of her powerful opinion on this issue, go to the full article here:

Through Mocha Club’s project area, Women at Risk, women in Ethiopia are provided with a sustainable job, economic empowerment, exposure to the working world, money for future education and health care and a constant hope that there will be a better day. Lear more here:



Grace in Ghana

With the help of Mocha Club, Grace Orphanage in Sunyani, Ghana helps children orphaned because of accident, HIV/AIDS, and natural deaths. Most of these children are from urban areas and find it difficult to get access to education, health facilities and basic items like clothing.  Some of these children live with extended family while still enduring huge obstacles. Grace Orphanage continues to make a big impact on the lives of these orphans.  A couple of these children recently described their living situation and why the experience at Grace Orphanage means so much to them:

I live in a village called Adongo, near Sunyani. The village is very far from the school, but I always have to walk to school with no proper school uniform. I find it very difficult to get food to eat in the school. I thank African Leadership/Mocha Club for helping me.”

“ I live in a village far from my school. I am living with somebody, a farmer, as a house help, because I have no one to help me. I am not given any money for school uniforms and food. Thank you African Leadership/Mocha Club for thinking about me. God bless you all.”

Thanks for continuing to support Orphan Care, which allows us to improve opportunity for all these kids!

Spring Graduations

On May 1st, Ellilta – Women at Risk in Nazaret, Ethiopia celebrated the graduation ceremony of 13 more women that have successfully completed their nine-month training.  The training provides former sex workers with intense counseling alongside business skills training. While these women are going through the cycle of training, they receive a small income to support themselves while their children are provided with education fees.

The ceremony included experience sharing between the women who are both working and training. Gifts were given by the program to the women who had shown great results in their training and also for the women who have shown a great change in their life and work.

Four leaders in the program, who are currently working as hair stylists, gave touching speeches filled with advice to the women about their challenges in their work places and how they overcame them.

The ceremony was another beautiful opportunity to celebrate the successes of the program in Nazaret and how it continues to give life-transforming training.

Strong and Invigorated

The following is an interview with a 12-year-old orphan due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  He is learning to live and cope with life in an HIV/AIDS environment.  He participates in HEKO (Heritage Kenya Organization) programs.


Question: What was your life like before this project?

Response: My mum used not to balance our meals well.  We knew

nothing about health education and the meaning of exercise.

Question:  What has your life been like since being part of this project?

Response: There is now a great change in our lives since mum is cooking a well balanced diet despite challenges in putting food on the table due to irregular income.

Question:  What is your family situation?

Response: It has improved because of our mum’s effort to take care of my brother and I. We all attend and participate in HEKO programs.  We need educational support.

Question:  What has been your happiest moment since being part of this project?

Response: How to balance the meals from breakfast to supper and when we all participate as a family in HEKO programs and activities especially sports.

Question:  What have you personally changed since being part of this project?

Response: My health has changed.  Nutritionally, I feel strong and invigorated due to regular intake of balanced food prepared by mum who sometimes brings home food items from HEKO.

Question:  What is something you would like the donors to know about you or the project or tell them in general?

Response: Continue with nutrition and health programs.  Encourage mothers, particularly those who participate in HEKO programs, to come if possible with their children

Thanks for continuing to support HIV/AIDS & Health Care in Africa through your $7!

Water is Life

Recently, our good friends Heston and Roselyn from Lilongwe, Malawi (near the Mocha Club water pump project in Lizulu) stopped by the Mocha Club offices in Nashville.  While chatting about water pump projects, they spoke about the many ways that, ultimately, “clean water *is* life” for their community.

Hearing that poignant assessment of the value of clean water, it’s with much excitement that we announce the completion of the solar water pump in Lizulu, Malawi! The pipes from the solar pump are linked to the Lizulu orphan-feeding center, which provides daily meals for over 500 orphans in the community. The nearby secondary school also has a tap outlet for students.

In order to make this a more sustainable project, metered water pipes will be linked to 3 households nearby to generate some income that will contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the taps as well as to assist in creating a vegetable garden for the orphans.

The entire community is truly blessed by and benefiting from the clean water flowing from this sustainable pump project!

We’ll update you on the projects in Ethiopia next month… stay tuned!

Stacked and Ready at New Dawn

The stacking and connecting is nearly complete at New Dawn Education Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya! The picture above shows the vision and progress of the 40 foot shipping containers and how they are being used to transform the lives of local students.

There are still a number of finishing touches that need to be added to this amazing facility, but we are excited to see this move from “project” status to a full-fledged, thriving, educational centre.

The facility will house a 200 seat assembly hall, a teacher workroom, chemistry/physics lab, biology/agriculture lab, a library, and a computer lab all strategically tucked into 5,700 square feet.

The hope of the future for New Dawn is “teaching to transform” the lives of 160 disadvantaged students from the slums of Huruma and Githogoro.

The opportunity that has been brought into Huruma and Githogoro couldn’t have been possible without our awesome Mocha Club Members and their passion for education!

My Dad Takes Care of Business.


Another Father’s Day, another ugly tie. Not this year! We’ve got a gift your dad will love.

The  “My Dad Takes Care of Business” mug is the perfect way to honor the dad that gets the job done.

This mug will accompany your father to work, allowing him to mull over those end-of-quarter spreadsheets while simultaneously supporting job opportunity and economic training in Africa through the work of the Mocha Club… multi-tasking at its finest.

Grab the mug for $25 over in our online store. They’ll ship out Tuesday, June 12 — guaranteed delivery to your dad in time for Father’s Day!


Mochaterns Week 1

Summer is officially here at the Mocha Club office, which means the newest members of the Mocha Club Team, the summer Mochaterns, are here to work alongside the hard-working staff.

The Mochaterns will continue to record their summer endeavors and adventures over on the Mochatern blog:, but every so often, we’ll be providing a glimpse into the world of the Mochatern, here, on the main Mocha Club blog. Here is a peek at week 1:

-Mochatern, Lindsay Nation, has jumped in with fashionABLE leader, Jordan, in prepping the Fall 2012 collection as the retailers for fashionABLE head off to the Atlanta market in June to showcase the newest scarves.

-With our member numbers growing, thanks to the passion of our partnered artists and their audiences, Emily and Mochatern, Katelyn Wilbanks have been reaching out to new members and updating information for our current Mocha Club community.

-Mochatern, Michael Hammers has joined Jeff in tracking tour dates for the summer and fall tours for MC artists all over the country.

-Graphic Design intern Carter Wright, who works with Mocha Club director Barrett Ward, assisted in a photo shoot for the newest fashionABLE collection and designed the line sheet for the photo shoot.

-Video intern Alexis Filippo has been busy filming ongoing activities of the interns (look for the videos coming next week on the Mochatern blog at, as well as going through some old film of Mocha Club activity for future summer video projects.

-In Communications, Matt and intern Blythe Westfall have been brainstorming with the Mocha Club Team on some exciting new marketing opportunities for upcoming campaigns and the big 7th Birthday Party !

Whew! Heaps going on here at the Mocha Club and fashionABLE office to keep us all busy for the summer. We’re so excited to join a team of folks who genuinely love what they do.. a team that is here to serve, educate, inform and inspire a generation to willingly give up a portion of their time, money and resources to help fund some incredible projects in Africa.

Remember to head over to the Mochatern blog,, for intern updates through the summer!

– Blythe Westfall