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#mochaclubontheroad with Jimmy Needham

Jimmy Needham

Jimmy Needham is heading out on tour and Mocha Club will be joining him at all his shows! Help support our friends in Africa by volunteering at the Mocha Club table THIS FALL!

 We need 2 people to work the Mocha Club table at each of the concerts listed below.  Would you be available? It will be a fun night sharing about Mocha Club and welcoming new people into our community. We can’t do this without you! Email with the date + location of the show where you would like to volunteer.
A fun bonus is that Mocha Club table staff get free admission to the concert!
September 11 : Pineville, LA
September 12 : Springdale, AR
September 18 : Jacksonville, FL
September 20 : Charleston, TN
October 17 : Lubbock, TX
October 24 : Los Angeles, CA
October 25 : Los Angeles, CA

Artist Spotlight : Sidewalk Prophets

We are so thankful to be able to partner with amazing artists from all over to join us in sharing their passion for Mocha Club and the projects they support in Africa.  Today, we hear from Sidewalk Prophets who use their music & influence to share their heart for Education.


It was the end of the school year, and I was 16 years old. I walked into my favorite teacher’s class, Mrs. Kramer, a passionate poet of the English language. All the lights were turned out. On this dreary April shower day, there was just enough sunshine passing through the windows to find my way to my desk. I sat and talked to my buddies. When the bell rang for class I realized that Mrs. Kramer was waiting patiently at her desk. She lit a candle and sat quietly. The class kept talking in the dark, and she waited. After about 5 minutes the chatter died down, and we all sat in silence. Then, Mrs. Kramer spoke. Her words struck a chord in my 16 year-old soul that still reverberates today. She asked, “How will others see you when you leave this place? What will your legacy be?” It was a question I never really thought about at such a young age. A legacy seemed to be something older people worried about, but she served up wisdom then and there, and it literally changed my heart.

 I am a child of a great teacher. My mom taught for 38 years. I studied to be an English teacher in college. Education runs through my blood. Every child, every student, no matter where they are, deserves to have a moment like Mrs. Kramer gave me in their life, a chance to hear true wisdom even all the way in Africa. I believe that with all my inmost being. In Kenya, a womannamed Irene,lived across from one of the nation’s largest slums. Surrounding her was hopelessness and darkness, but she wanted to shine a light in a dark, dark world. She decided to start a school; one that would provide nourishment for body and soul, one that would give children a quality education. It started small, but year after year, she was committed. They couldn’t technically construct a building for the school because the government could evict them for any reason. Instead, she used shipping containers as classrooms. She used what she had to change lives. She had countless obstacles to overcome, but the will of the Lord can’t be stopped. She saw that seed of hope grow into a mighty oak.

Today, the New Dawn School has 160 students. They have clean water stations, a free medical center for students, and a solar powered computer lab. Their students have won national essay contests and receive a quality education dedicated to their founder’s vision: education without the gospel isn’t a true education. In a slum of 4,000 children, hope is rising.

 I have been to Africa. I have stood on the soil and seen the hopelessness. I have felt it in my soul. I watched as families ate their dinner off dirt-covered streets. But… there is a light there that shines brighter than most, and I have seen that joy in the eyes of the children who are given a chance – a chance to know and fall in love with Jesus Christ. That’s our heart and our calling, to give someone across the world a chance to know their Savior.

 We are partnering with the Mocha Club in this effort. Their desire is the same. They believe with a small sacrifice, big change can occur. Mocha Club has people on the ground, in Africa, working alongside the New Dawn School to change not just the lives of 160 kids, but the entire community. We believe that the Mocha Club efforts coupled with the giving hearts of our fans can create our own community dedicated to living a life like Jesus lived, one dedicated to helping the poor and orphaned of the world. With a little sacrifice a huge change can be made. The dream of a Kenyan woman can become a reality. A seed can grow into a mighty oak. A child can have the opportunity to know Christ.

Take a moment and ask yourself today, “What will my legacy be?” It’s my great desire that people would say that I was a man that loved Jesus, a man that left a legacy of love. This day is an opportunity to do just that. Please prayerfully consider joining Sidewalk Prophets, the Mocha Club, and the students of the New Dawn School on a journey to get to know Jesus a little better.


Connect with Sidewalk Prophets

Join the Mocha Club with Sidewalk Prophets & get Mocha Merch from our store for FREE!

NEW Mocha Club Artist sponsor : JON MCLAUGHLIN

We are so excited to announce that Jon McLaughlin has joined our team as the newest Mocha Club artist sponsor! Jon travelled to Africa with Mocha Club in 2009 and saw the work being done on the ground. Look for him on tour this fall with Ben Rector, and on Jon’s Christmas Tour this December.  Join with Jon in supporting orphans in Africa and providing health care, nutrition, and clothes for children in need.


We are looking for volunteers to help work the Mocha Club table at each show!  Check out the dates below and email if you are interested!  Plus, you get into the show for free!

10/1/14 Granada Lawrence KS
10/2/14 The Blue Note Columbia MO
10/3/14 George’s Majestic Lounge Fayetteville AR
10/4/14 Common Grounds Waco TX
10/6/14 Common Grounds Waco TX
10/8/14 Bama Theatre Tuscaloosa AL
10/9/14 The Lyric Oxford MS
10/15/14 Jefferson Theater Charlottesville VA
10/16/14 Lincoln Theater Raleigh NC
10/17/14 Track 29 Chattanooga TN
10/18/14 The Georgia Theatre Athens GA

Artist Spotlight with Jessica Campbell: My Relationship with Coffee and Mocha Club

We are so thankful to be able to partner with amazing artists from all over to join us in sharing their passion for Mocha Club and the projects they support in Africa.  Today, we hear from Jessica Campbell who is using her music & influence to share her heart and invite friends and fans to join her in this journey.


“Before I get the story started and take a step back into my past, I’d like to start off by saying that I’m proud to be an advocate for such an amazing non-profit organization that is changing lives in Africa.  My focus with Mocha Club is on Economic Freedom and Women At Risk.  Though I’ve never been to Ethiopia to meet these incredible people, I feel connected to them by simply watching the videos and reading their stories.  Take a minute to do that and I’m pretty sure you’ll be compelled as well!

Other than the obvious reasons why I would partner with Mocha Club, the idea of Mocha Club is what got my attention.  Good ideas get the attention of songwriters.  We’re always on the the lookout for a good one.

Like many singer-songwriters in Nashville, I worked just about every part-time job in the book until I could move into music full-time.  In addition to selling cookware, babysitting, cleaning houses, selling windows, and being a coordinator for a TV show on the Spike Channel, my longest running part-time stint was being a Starbucks barista.  I was one of the first employees at the Starbucks in Seiverville, TN.  The store opened just as I was looking to pick up a third part-time job at the time and I was simultaneously finishing my MFA at Middle Tennessee State. So needless to say, things were hectic.  My other two jobs were singing at Dollywood and working the desk at the RV Park where I lived.  I lived in a fancy single-wide trailer, actually not so fancy, but more space than I needed to live comfortably.  I like to think that the coffee helped get me through that run-myself-ragged time of life.

Prior to working at Starbucks I liked coffee but didn’t really know much about it other than I liked it sweet and milky.  I partook of my first latte when I was a sophomore in high school and was visiting Hilton Head, SC for the first time.  I would order a Caramel Macchiatto and asked for the barista to add cream.  If you know much about that particular coffee drink, you can imagine the kind of strange looks I would get upon ordering.  If you are unfamiliar with the drink…it is 90 percent milk, prior to me asking for cream.

When I heard about Mocha Club I was instantly intrigued because of the relationship I had established with coffee.  It was the first time I’d given thought to the notion that I could be spending way too much money on something that was fulfilling a need that I considered at times insatiable.  But in the grand scheme of things, those needs are temporary and well, honestly, selfish.  Mocha Club helps to turn my eyes off myself and onto others.  I don’t know about you, but I need that every day, MORE than I need a cup of expensive coffee.

I’ve always tried to keep a “give back” mentality connected with my music.  If I have a platform to share my stories and songs, I want to tell others about the lives being changed in Africa, simply by opting out of a latte or, say, a movie once a month for the betterment of someone else.  I truly believe that the more we pour beauty into someone elses life we are made more beautiful.  Our character grows, our perspective changes and we are less concerned with the small things surrounding us, and less concentrated on ourselves.  I know firsthand how committed people can be to their coffee, and I had become one of them.

Mocha Club is about making a small sacrifice to help Africa in a big way.  And in terms of American culture, I’d consider this exchange a VERY small sacrifice.  Just the simple idea of Mocha Club keeps me in check.  It reminds me that there are other people and things in this world that deserve attention other than myself and my needs.

So, I don’t know what your relationship with coffee is today….heck, maybe you’re a tea person….but either way, take a chance, join Mocha Club, and pour a little bit of yourself into making a difference in someone else’s life.”


Connect with Jessica Campbell


Join the Mocha Club with Jessica & get Mocha Merch from our store for FREE!


Stage It with Ernie Halter + Jessica Campbell!

It’s an exciting week here at the Mocha Club offices – two of our Mocha Club artists will come together to perform a show with 100% of the proceeds supporting our Education projects!


 THIS Thursday @ 8pm CST, Ernie Halter and Jessica Campbell will be performing a Stage It performance from the MC headquarters in Nashville.  Tune in to listen to some great music and help support Mocha Club at the same time!

The show is pay what you can with a suggested donation of 90 notes ($9). The goal for the evening is to raise $540, which is equal to 1 teacher’s salary for 1 month at New Dawn.  There are still tickets left so grab yours now!

Mocha Club Artist Spotlight : a note from Emily Hearn.

We are so thankful to be able to partner with amazing artists from all over to join us in sharing their passion for Mocha Club and the projects they support in Africa.  Today, we hear from the lovely Emily Hearn who is using her music & influence to share her heart and invite friends and fans to join her in this journey.


  “Hi, my name is Emily Hearn. I’m a singer/songwriter from Athens, GA and I’ve decided to partner with The Mocha Club. I want to tell you why their mission is so special to me.


About a month ago I visited The Mocha Club office for the first time. We had been partnering together for a few months, but I didn’t really know much about their mission, and it was my first time meeting everyone. I walked into what looked like a plain office building, in line with all the other plain office buildings. But when I stepped through the doors it was like I had walked into another world. There was a special kind of life inside that building, inside the people. They were in the midst of adding personal touches to the new office, pictures and reminders of what they work for every day–a chance to provide aid for African people who need healthcare, schooling, fresh water, a home, or a new life plan for women at risk.


I sat in a conference room with about 15 people who, with passion and excitement, told me about the cities in Africa where they are making great progress. Their definition of progress is based on giving these people the tools, the skills, training, and the ability to get the resources that they need–not just getting those things for them. They don’t want to force their way into a city and “fix” African problems with American solutions. The Mocha Club is walking alongside them as the African leaders assess the community’s needs, and the goal is to help these communities find an attainable path to meeting those needs.


One of my favorite things about The Mocha Club is a little tag line that really made me think differently– “I need Africa more than Africa needs me.” It comes from the people who have taken trips to Africa and actually spent time with the people they met–a group of people who could easily become bitter and cold about their circumstances, yet exhibit the most freeing and beautiful joy. It’s a purity that comes when there is no materialism, when people and relationships are everything. I love the idea of erasing the  ugly belief that American life is so much better than African life. There is a discontent that lives inside of me that they simply do not have in Africa. And I need to see what that looks like, breathe it, and embrace it. I need Africa more than Africa needs me.


I don’t know if you have ever been on a mission trip, but I’ve been on a few. There are lots of types, but I took a work-based trip to Mexico. We built a stone wall around a church, and we peeled and re-painted the inside walls. It was lots of hard work, and we felt pretty good about ourselves afterwards, but the strange thing is that I don’t remember meeting a single Mexican person. I wondered if the congregation of the church found it strange as well, or if they had already experienced groups of Americans who had come in to fix things and then left without a word. I deeply believe that, even though good deeds are respected, and so often needed, relationships and loving interactions are what truly change people for the better. So even though my trip to Mexico was good, it didn’t change me for the better, it didn’t change any of the Mexican people who attend that church.


That’s what struck me when I met the Mocha Club team–I can see when I’m speaking with them that their mission is all about the relationship. They are truly changing lives. Without judgement, without swooping in and fixing things in an American way, The Mocha Club is holding hands with the people of these communities. They are helping provide resources, but ultimately they are giving the leaders the ability to take care and guide their communities the way they have always wanted to. I love that, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”


Connect with Emily Hearn


Join the Mocha Club with Emily & get an autographed copy of her EP, “Promises” or Mocha Merch FREE!

NEW Mocha Club Artist Sponsor : SIDEWALK PROPHETS

We are so excited to announce that, this spring, we will be teaming up with Sidewalk Prophets as the newest Mocha Club artist sponsor!  These guys have traveled to Africa and have seen the work being done over there.  They share our heart for our partners in Africa and are dedicated to our Education projects.  Starting next week, they will be touring throughout the country sharing their music and heart for the Mocha Club.  Together with you, they will be sponsoring Education.  Join with Sidewalk Prophets & receive the new album, “Live Like That” FREE!


We are looking for volunteers to help work the Mocha Club table at each show!  Check out the dates below and email if you are interested!  Plus, you get into the show for free!

April 24th –  Massapequa, NY – Centerpoint Christian Church

April 25th – Lanexa, VA – Rockahock Campground

April 26th – Claremont, NH – Claremont Opera House

April 27th – Poughkeepsie, NY – Changepoint Church

April 30th – Port Neches, TX – Port Neches Riverfront Park

May 2nd – Salisbury, NC – Catawba College

May 3rd – Valdosta, GA – Valdosta Oaks RV Park

May 5th – Abilene, TX – Abilene Civic Center Arena

May 6th – Odessa, TX – New Life Church

May 7th – Plainview, TX – Harrel Auditorium

May 9th – Springdale, AR – Arvest Ballpark

May 10th – Marion, IL – Marion Cultural & Civic Center

We love Katie Herzig!

Katie Herzig has one of our most favorite voices and she writes the most unique and beautiful songs. Katie’s music shows up in all of our favorite tv shows, and we love to use her tunes in our videos…  you’ll recognize her song “Shovel” in our I need Africa video, and the song “Lost and Found” in the Mocha Club Experience wrap-up video.

Katie Herzig Walk Through Walls

We are super excited there’s new Katie Herzig music coming at us soon. Her new album, Walk Through Walls releases April 8 — pre-order it on itunes, and listen/download the title track for free!

Katie supports our Clean Water projects, and she’s taking Mocha Club on tour with her again this spring. Check out her tour dates to see if she’s coming near you, and then let us know if you want to volunteer (and get into the show for free!). Just email us at tourhelp(at) for more details and/or to volunteer.

Mocha Club Experience LIVE!

You followed CHAR + WERTZ on their 10 day adventure around Africa, and we’ve been sharing a Webisode every Wednesday, but we want you to have a chance to hear from the guys more about their trip!  So we’re hosting the Mocha Club Experience LIVE event on Wednesday morning, April 2.

Matt Wertz will be there answering some questions (and also playing a few of our favorite songs!) and we’ll have Char on skype live from Seattle.  If you live in Nashville, we’d love to have you join us!

Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE?  More info can be found here, or email us if you have any questions: info(at)

Matt Wertz Mocha Club Live in Nashville

Mochatern Monday: 03.17

Hey! Happy St. Patricks Day! Did you remember to wear your green?

Last week we released the first post-trip Mocha Club Experience Webisode with Char + Wertz!  A Mocha Club Experience webisode will be released every Wednesday for 8 more weeks! It’s fantastic to see a recap of what kind of impact happened on their 10-day adventure around Africa… You won’t want to miss a single one!

On a related and SUPER exciting note…. If you live in Nashville, we would like to invite you to the Mocha Club Experience Live! Convo with Matt Wertz on April 2nd at 10am at the Massey Performing Arts Center at Belmont University! He’s going to be playing a mini-concert and will be talking about his recent trip. There will be free coffee and a chance to win some sweet Mocha Club merch!

Speaking of artists.. We had Emily Hearn visit our office this morning. She played us a couple of her songs and we all chatted about the impact that we’re making in Africa together!

Emily Hearn at Mocha Club

Lastly… we also had Annie Downs in the office this morning! Marisa and Annie were sorting through the over 50 applicants that applied to join us on our Purpose Project trip to Kenya this May! Stay tuned to find out who the lucky winner is!


Have a great week everyone!!
Samantha and Sarah