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Influence Conference 2014 – will you be there?

Influence Conference is happening again in Indianapolis, Indiana – September 25th-27th – and Mocha Club is excited to be part of the event again this year!  The founders of the conference are our very own Mocha Club members, Jessi Connolly from the #KenyaMocha team and Hayley Morgan from the #blogABLE team.

They just announced the first experience happening at the conference to kick off the three-day event – the welcome party!


from the Influence blog

We are honored to be partnering with Mocha Club for this fun event to welcome you to The Influence Conference. Our hearts have been so incredibly connected to Mocha Club since the beginning of Influence. Mocha Club is a community of people giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to fund development projects in Africa. They work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Economic Freedom, Orphan Care, and Healthcare.

At the party, you will get to learn more about the amazing work that Mocha Club is doing, have the opportunity to sign up to join Mocha Club and learn about some of the purpose projects that Mocha Club has done (and meet many of our women who have completed these projects!). We are so thrilled to be working with Mocha Club and help further their amazing cause all year!

It’s going to be such a fun night to let loose with old friends, hug some new friends, and learn more about Mocha Club and how we can make small sacrifices to make a big impact. Won’t you join us?

Read more…

Interested in being part of the conference this year?  Learn more here. We would love to have you part of the fun!



A month ago, we asked you to cast a vote for Mocha Club as an upcoming collaboration with Sevenly, and YOU ROCKED THE VOTE! Today, we are so excited to finally announce that this week, Mocha Club is the featured charity on Sevenly! They have designed tshirts inspired by our Education projects and the work being done over in Africa.

Shop + support






And after you have picked your favorite item to buy and support MC + Sevenly, share with your family + friends! Spread the word all week!



New classrooms at New Dawn!

There has been some major work and renovations being done over in Kenya at New Dawn Education Centre and it’s all THANKS TO YOU!

 Annie shared her heart for Mocha Club and Education through her 10K Purpose Project and she asked you to join her to support our teachers and students with four new classrooms. And you did!  Your small sacrifices have turned multiple classrooms of hot shipping containers into a cool center for learning and success for everyone stepping through the doors.  Check out the progress…


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3

Not a member but want to join us in supporting Education?  Join for $18/month and change your small sacrifices into a big impact.  As, a THANK YOU, we will send you a free  in-house designed print by Jessi from Naptime Diaries + Lindsay from Lindsay Letters AND two autographed copies of “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie Downs + “Speak” by Nish Weiseth.

Already a member? Share this post and invite a friend or family member to join the club and BOTH of you will receive all these items for free as a THANK YOU!

Fall 2014 Internship applications : DEADLINE EXTENDED!

GREAT NEWS! The deadline for the Fall 2014 internship applications has been extended! The new deadline is Monday, July 7th!

We have done a little remodeling to our internship program and are excited for what this next internship season will look like!  We are now offering four different department focuses including: 

  • Marketing
    • We highly value the way we look and feel in the print + video world. Work with our team on design projects from brainstorming to implementation. Interns will design smaller projects on their own, and work with our freelance designers on larger projects (both web & print). Applicants with a working knowledge of Photoshop and/or adobe illustrator for the mac are preferred. 
  • Communications
    • You know what they say – communication is key. We’re all about expressing a message well and sharing the stories of the organization with as many people as possible through as many avenues as possible! This applicant needs to enjoy researching + brainstorming, and really love to think outside of the box. Proven writing and journalism skills and an online presence are a must.
  • Artist Community
    • We are honored to work with multiple partners in the local and national scene – from writers to speakers to musicians. This internship would involve the entire event process – from brainstorming through to implementation of an event with one of our community partners. Work alongside our Community Relations team, to equip and prepare our partners to use their platform & represent our organization well. This applicant should have experience in event management. Must be an organized self-initiator and a confident communicator, with the ability to multi-task.
  • Program Management
    • Our Africa Programs team works with our staff and partners across the continent of Africa to implement strategy and programs that fulfill the mission of our organization. This team environment works with community leaders in Africa implementing their community’s vision whether that means a water well or a primary school. This applicant should have a strong passion about the continent of Africa, be an organized self- initiator, and have an ability to multi-task through various projects. Any education in development or international relations is preferred.

If you haven’t yet, fill out the application and send it to if you would like to spend the Fall with us.  

Artist Spotlight with Jessica Campbell: My Relationship with Coffee and Mocha Club

We are so thankful to be able to partner with amazing artists from all over to join us in sharing their passion for Mocha Club and the projects they support in Africa.  Today, we hear from Jessica Campbell who is using her music & influence to share her heart and invite friends and fans to join her in this journey.


“Before I get the story started and take a step back into my past, I’d like to start off by saying that I’m proud to be an advocate for such an amazing non-profit organization that is changing lives in Africa.  My focus with Mocha Club is on Economic Freedom and Women At Risk.  Though I’ve never been to Ethiopia to meet these incredible people, I feel connected to them by simply watching the videos and reading their stories.  Take a minute to do that and I’m pretty sure you’ll be compelled as well!

Other than the obvious reasons why I would partner with Mocha Club, the idea of Mocha Club is what got my attention.  Good ideas get the attention of songwriters.  We’re always on the the lookout for a good one.

Like many singer-songwriters in Nashville, I worked just about every part-time job in the book until I could move into music full-time.  In addition to selling cookware, babysitting, cleaning houses, selling windows, and being a coordinator for a TV show on the Spike Channel, my longest running part-time stint was being a Starbucks barista.  I was one of the first employees at the Starbucks in Seiverville, TN.  The store opened just as I was looking to pick up a third part-time job at the time and I was simultaneously finishing my MFA at Middle Tennessee State. So needless to say, things were hectic.  My other two jobs were singing at Dollywood and working the desk at the RV Park where I lived.  I lived in a fancy single-wide trailer, actually not so fancy, but more space than I needed to live comfortably.  I like to think that the coffee helped get me through that run-myself-ragged time of life.

Prior to working at Starbucks I liked coffee but didn’t really know much about it other than I liked it sweet and milky.  I partook of my first latte when I was a sophomore in high school and was visiting Hilton Head, SC for the first time.  I would order a Caramel Macchiatto and asked for the barista to add cream.  If you know much about that particular coffee drink, you can imagine the kind of strange looks I would get upon ordering.  If you are unfamiliar with the drink…it is 90 percent milk, prior to me asking for cream.

When I heard about Mocha Club I was instantly intrigued because of the relationship I had established with coffee.  It was the first time I’d given thought to the notion that I could be spending way too much money on something that was fulfilling a need that I considered at times insatiable.  But in the grand scheme of things, those needs are temporary and well, honestly, selfish.  Mocha Club helps to turn my eyes off myself and onto others.  I don’t know about you, but I need that every day, MORE than I need a cup of expensive coffee.

I’ve always tried to keep a “give back” mentality connected with my music.  If I have a platform to share my stories and songs, I want to tell others about the lives being changed in Africa, simply by opting out of a latte or, say, a movie once a month for the betterment of someone else.  I truly believe that the more we pour beauty into someone elses life we are made more beautiful.  Our character grows, our perspective changes and we are less concerned with the small things surrounding us, and less concentrated on ourselves.  I know firsthand how committed people can be to their coffee, and I had become one of them.

Mocha Club is about making a small sacrifice to help Africa in a big way.  And in terms of American culture, I’d consider this exchange a VERY small sacrifice.  Just the simple idea of Mocha Club keeps me in check.  It reminds me that there are other people and things in this world that deserve attention other than myself and my needs.

So, I don’t know what your relationship with coffee is today….heck, maybe you’re a tea person….but either way, take a chance, join Mocha Club, and pour a little bit of yourself into making a difference in someone else’s life.”


Connect with Jessica Campbell


Join the Mocha Club with Jessica & get Mocha Merch from our store for FREE!


The Woman behind the Women : meet Cherry.

Not many people know the story of the woman behind our Women at Risk (now known as Economic Freedom) project but you should.  Last week the Mocha Club team had the opportunity to sit down with the founder of Women at Risk and hear her story, her journey, and her heart.  We learned that it doesn’t take a hero to make big things happen, just a person with a big heart.


Meet Cherry.


I attended a university and studied economics.  After graduation, I couldn’t find a job for a year.  It’s common to not have a job after high school but after attending a university, most people have a job. I felt frustrated.

 One night, my uncle was driving his car through Addis and I noticed a girl that was obviously a prostitute. I was usually home by 8 pm and was not used to seeing this “night life”. I wanted to know more about this girl. I felt no judgement for the girls but a responsibility to reach out to these girls.

I finally got my first job and it was great but the Lord was bringing this girl from the streets into my mind. I shared this passion and my heart for these girls with my small group. One of the ladies encouraged me to befriend just one girl. 

How am I going to help this woman?

In 1994, I shared my heart about the women on the streets with a missionary friend from work and she wanted to partner with me to minister to these girls.  At the time, there were about 85,000 girls working on the streets in Addis and there was a high HIV infection rate.

My missionary friend and I decided to befriend just one or two girls. In December, we went out on the streets to meet these one or two girls. The first girl we met was nasty and mean but the second girl was nice. The first girl was heavy into witchcraft and did not want anything to do with us but would share to her friends about us. One night, this girl’s house burnt down so I looked for her and wanted to offer her help.  During this time, the girl committed her life to Christ and asked God for a job and money for her and her son.  When she found me and all the supplies I wanted to give to her, she saw it as a sign from God.  I kept asking for prayers for this girl.  A Canadian family took the girl in and paid for her education and job skills. Now, one girl was saved but more girls were coming.

Slowly, all the girls realized, “You must care for us if you keep coming at night in the cold”. At this point, there were  7 girls we had helped. The women didn’t have any skills but lots of addiction. Behavior was the problem, not the lack of money.

Women at Risk started with 2 girls and now there 120 women being rescued each year. Seven women who have completed the rehabilitation and job skills training are now on staff.  Five other girls have created a get-together once a month for the sole purpose of being a people of praise and now new graduates are coming to join them.


“God does immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. I can’t do it but it’s the Lord. Ministry is not about what we can do but allowing God to do the work.  God will use us, if we let him.”


 Learn more about how you can partner with Cherry and support Women at Risk.

Join with Annie + the #KenyaMocha team!

A week after it was announced that the #KenyaMocha trip was postponed, Annie + the rest of the team gathered in Nashville to continue showing support to the teachers and students at New Dawn.  They hosted a live stream event where they were able to connect with YOU and answer questions. Check out the highlights below!

We have had many new Mocha Club members join to support a teacher at New Dawn but we still need you!  Join now and help provide a teacher at New Dawn with salary for a year.  Together with our small sacrifices, we can make a BIG difference in the life of a teacher and furthermore, in the lives of all the students she impacts.

When you join the Mocha Club at $18 a month, as a THANK YOU, you will receive…

  • an autographed copy of “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie Downs
  • an autographed copy of “Speak” by Nish Weiseth
  • an in-house designed print by Jessi from Naptime Diaries + Lindsay from Lindsay Letters


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.44.38 PM


Already a member? Share this post and invite a friend or family member to join the club and BOTH of you will receive all these items for free as a THANK YOU!

Our Country Directors : Meet Leonard.

Mocha Club works under the parent organization African Leadership , who invests in Africa’s servant leaders in communities all over the continent.  African Leadership educates and empowers these leaders with tools to strategize and meet the needs of their communities.  We currently have 15 country directors in 17 different countries working to make these changes happen. We want our Mocha Club community to become familiar with these partners over in Africa.


Meet Leonard.


leonard chipangano

Leonard is our Malawi country director. He felt God call him into ministry in    the late ’90s. After graduating from Zambezi College of Ministry, Leonard planted churches in a Muslim-dominated area of Malawi for six years. He then began teaching for African Leadership before becoming Country Director in 2012.

Leonard is the driving force behind Common Grounds Malawi. He works tirelessly to fuse the work his pastors do inside the church with the work they do outside the church. “It is bridging the big gap between trained ministers and the majority of untrained ministers, changing the affairs of the Malawi Church,” he says. Leonard sees Common Grounds at work through his student, Pastor Mtendere. Before his African Leadership education, he was just a church elder. Now graduated, “God has used him mightily to impact the lives in his community. Now he is a pastor.And he leads a Pastor’s Fellowship where different churches come together for worship and counseling. He is transforming his community.


Mocha Club and members like you support these needs through your monthly contributions for clean water, education, health care, orphan care, and economic freedom.

Stage It with Ernie Halter + Jessica Campbell!

It’s an exciting week here at the Mocha Club offices – two of our Mocha Club artists will come together to perform a show with 100% of the proceeds supporting our Education projects!


 THIS Thursday @ 8pm CST, Ernie Halter and Jessica Campbell will be performing a Stage It performance from the MC headquarters in Nashville.  Tune in to listen to some great music and help support Mocha Club at the same time!

The show is pay what you can with a suggested donation of 90 notes ($9). The goal for the evening is to raise $540, which is equal to 1 teacher’s salary for 1 month at New Dawn.  There are still tickets left so grab yours now!

In case you missed it: #KenyaMocha live stream available!

Thank you to all who joined the #KenyaMocha live stream yesterday – we had a great time!  Whether you were tuning in online via twitter or stopping by the office to be a part of the action, we are so thankful for your time to hear the hearts of our team members while they share their passion for New Dawn, education, and the Mocha Club.


In case you missed it – the live stream broadcast is available to watch now!  Listen in while Annie, Lindsay, Jessi, and Lizzie answer how they became part of the #KenyaMocha team, why they started blogging, and why they feel like they need Africa?  We laughed, we cried, and we had a great time so go check it out!



Over the broadcast, we encouraged viewers to join us in supporting Mocha Club and New Dawn by giving up a few mochas a month. A school can only grow and flourish when there is a dedicated and supportive staff on hand. The amazing teachers are what make New Dawn the beacon of hope that it is to the local community. Without these teachers, the school simply can not operate. Currently, while much of the school is making ground-breaking advancements, funds for the incredible staff is it’s greatest need. We want to support these teachers and continue the big impact they have on the students of New Dawn.  If just 31 of us gave $18 a month, we could provide 1 teacher with the necessary funds they need to continue to teaching for one year.


In Kenya, a teacher’s average salary is $6500; compare this to an average salary of a teacher in the States at $55,000.  For our New Dawn teachers, it’s more than the salary; it’s the lives that they are impacting everyday through education.

There’s still time to JOIN and receive these free exclusive items!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.55.21 PM