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Clean Water: End of 2012 Update

Access to clean, safe drinking water is crucial to life. One in five deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.

Thanks to your help over the last 12 months, we were able to make a difference and bring sustainable clean water solutions to:

the Village of Lizulu, Malawi where the pipes from the solar pump are bringing life-giving water to the Lizulu orphan-feeding center, the local secondary school and three nearby homes that pay for access which contributes to the long-term maintenance of the pump.

the Village of Huruma and the New Dawn Education Centre in Kenya where storage tanks have been installed to provide a source of clean water to the community, a purification system repaired to provide safe drinking water for students, and a rain catchment system created to give sufficient water for irrigation of the school’s sustainable food supply.

We simply couldn’t have accomplished these things without your generosity and commitment to giving up a few mochas a month to provide clean water in Africa.

Made Possible by Mocha Members!

Last month, we mentioned our good friends Heston and Roselyn stopped by the Mocha Club office to discuss the new solar water pump in the home village of Heston in Malawi.  This pump, made possible by Mocha Club members, is special because it was created with both sustainability in mind as well as a focus on benefiting the entire community.
The solar pump is linked to:
* The Lizulu orphan-feeding center, which provides daily meals for over 500 orphans in the community
* The nearby secondary school
* Three nearby homes that pay for access which contributes to the long-term maintenance of the pump.

Here is Heston and Roselyn sharing about the deep impact of the new Lizulu solar pump:

World Water Day 2012

March 22 was World Water Day and we loved celebrating it here at Mocha Club!

Mocha Cub is committed to 100% of our projects being community owned and operated. Every month, if you donate towards our Clean Water project, you are a part of us creating sustainable solutions for those in need of drinkable water in Africa.

In Ethiopia alone, three out of every five people lack access to clean water.

Women & children walk up to six hours a day to collect water, taking them away from work and school.

And where there are water solutions, 50% of the projects fail because of a lack of community involvement.

Here our director Barrett and Kiely, our staff member in Ethiopia, tell you about the future of wells and how you can be a continued part of the solution.

Ripple effects.

Water ripples

As we are so close to finishing our first well in Ethiopia, we are excited about the ripple effects that this well, and the ones to come in the future, will have on the community of people around it.

With our Women at Risk project located near the site of the well, we are grateful that multiple Mocha Club partners are working together and will benefit together from this new source of clean water.

Thanks to Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church and their commitment to seeing Ethiopians live healthy well-rounded lives, we have seen that not only is the community given water, they are trained in how to maintain a well and keep it operating. EKHC has built almost 1200 wells since 1986 and it is estimated that over 1.4 million people have access to safe water and improved sanitation facilities as a result of this.

We wait expectantly to hear of the completion of this first well (and we can’t WAIT to show you pictures of it!) and look forward to starting on the second well in this area.

Your $7 a month towards our Clean Water project ensures that wells are built, that wells are maintained, and that the ripple effect will be felt for years to come.

Easy math.

According to, there are close to 1 billion people on Earth right now that do not have access to clean drinking water. 

And this week, the United Nations is saying that the Earth’s population will crest over 7 billion.

Those are big numbers. Science teaches that the human mind can’t really comprehend more than 1,000 people at a time. For example, if you saw a stadium full of 10,000 people and a stadium full of 70,000 people, you wouldn’t have a massive reaction to the difference.

But these are numbers that all of our brains can understand : by the end of this week, one in seven people on our planet will not have clean water.

One out of seven.

You can picture that.

Line up seven friends. Six of you get clean water. One doesn’t.

And repeat that line a billion times.

Even this fact, one in seven, though easy to wrap our minds around, is difficult to feel as a reality. Why? Because most of us don’t know ONE person who has to live without clean water.

Funny thing is, in many rural villages and towns in Africa, those folks don’t know ONE person who has access to clean water.

At Mocha Club, we are working hard to be part of the solution to this easy math. As we told you the last few months, we have a new clean water partner in Ethiopia. It was exciting when Barrett met with the people at the Kale Heywet Church in Nazaret and we introduced them to you last month.

There is a solution to this clean water crisis. Here’s some better math…

Your $7 + our partners in Ethiopia = thousands of people getting clean water for the first time. 

As we look toward the future, and this 7 billionth baby entering the world, we hope that as the population grows, the number of those without clean water continues to decrease.

Who builds the clean water wells in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia - Arbaminch

As we told you last month, it is will much excitement that we begin a new partnership to build clean water wells in Ethiopia.

We are working with the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Water Program and since the program’s beginnings in 1986, they have built over 1193 water points in three regions (southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, Oromyia and Amhara regional states).

They estimate that because of the wells they have built since so far, over 1.4 million people have access to safe water! That is almost the entire population of the 13 county Nashville metropolitan area!

Currently, the program operates in four regional states: Oromiya, Amhara, Tigray and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional states.

Not only do they improve the water supply, the EKHC Water Program also teaches sanitation and hygiene practice amongst the target communities in rural Ethiopia.

Our goal is to build two new wells for those living around our Women at Risk project in Nazaret. As things progress over the next few weeks, we will continue to update you, show pictures, and tell stories of those receiving clean water for the first time in Ethiopia!

Country Throwdown Tour gives back to Mocha Club…

We’re excited to announce that Mocha Club will be partnering with The Country Throwdown Tour, and YOU can help determine how much we raise for Clean Water in Africa!

Country Throwdown is an exciting new music tour bringing some of the biggest country artists to a city near you this summer – Montgomery Gentry, Jamey Johnson, Little Big Town, and Eric Church, just to name a few.

If you plan to go to the show, you can give back to Mocha Club by entering promotional code [04] during online ticket check out. For every [04] promotional code entered, the Country Throwdown Tour will give $1 to Mocha Club.

And you know that just $1 can provide clean water to 1 African for 1 year!

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