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Made Possible by Mocha Members!

Last month, we mentioned our good friends Heston and Roselyn stopped by the Mocha Club office to discuss the new solar water pump in the home village of Heston in Malawi.  This pump, made possible by Mocha Club members, is special because it was created with both sustainability in mind as well as a focus on benefiting the entire community.
The solar pump is linked to:
* The Lizulu orphan-feeding center, which provides daily meals for over 500 orphans in the community
* The nearby secondary school
* Three nearby homes that pay for access which contributes to the long-term maintenance of the pump.

Here is Heston and Roselyn sharing about the deep impact of the new Lizulu solar pump:

Mochatern Bianca :: fashionABLE event

This semester’s mochaterns are an amazing crew. You can keep up with them over at the Mochatern tumblr. Here Mochatern Bianca tells us of sharing fashionABLE with her friends at Belmont University.

. . . . .

Hey everyone, it’s the fashionABLE intern Bianca here. Everything is going well over at the fashionABLE // Mocha Club offices, but it’s bound to get busy as we receive a large shipment of scarves from Africa. We’re all ready to team together and get all of the scarves sorted and placed with their respective orders so they can be shipped out as soon as possible. We’ve received a bunch of new orders from retails worldwide (yes, worldwide!), and we can’t wait to provide them with a wonderful order of scarves to sell in their stores! It’s so exciting to see the fashionABLE brand continue to enter new markets and touch more and more people.

I’m happy to say that I helped spread the fashionABLE mission last week by hosting an event at my school, Belmont University. In partnership with my university’s SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) Club, I planned an event to showcase social entrepreneurship through a presentation of a short documentary that showcases TOMS CEO Blake Mycoskie and a number of other social entrepreneurs. After the documentary screening, I hosted a small panel of social entrepreneurs, and I was glad to have Barrett on the panel. With over 175 students at the event, Barrett got the chance to share the fashionABLE story with them, and we even had fashionABLE scarves for sale at the event. I think it’s safe to say that the students loved what Barrett had to say, because they bought a ton of scarves. It was exciting to share my love for fashionABLE with my classmates and peers, because I know that they’re all passionate individuals who strive to make change by supporting and advocating for organizations like fashionABLE.

Overall, as the scarf orders continue to come in, it’s wonderful to think that it equates to more sustainable business for some wonderful women in Africa and ultimately, a better way of life for them.

Mochatern Bianca: fashionABLE

Hey everyone!

It’s Bianca, the fashionABLE intern for the Fall semester. I’m so excited to share my intern experiences with you over the course of the semester. I’ve been interning with fashionABLE for a few short weeks, and I’m looking forward to serving on the fashionABLE team for the next few months.

This week has been particularly exciting here at the Mocha Club / fashionABLE office. I’ve been working directly with Jordan and Marisa to help prepare scarves for orders, and I was delighted to have the privilege to help them get ready for their trip to New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past weekend. I helped get all of the scarves packed and ready to bring to NYC, and I also helped put together a lot of the marketing materials for potential retailers. In addition to getting the scarves and the marketing materials ready for NYC, I prepared invites for the fashionABLE party that took place at Diana Warner’s Store!

Jordan and Marisa got back on Tuesday, and I was excited to hear about their trip when I came into the office on Wednesday. They shared pictures of their trip with me, and I was glad to hear that the party with Diana Warner was a great success! It’s awesome to know that I helped play a role in fashionABLE’s participation in Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out.

On Wednesday, Vanessa, Lauren, and I had the opportunity of sitting in on a meeting with African Leadership. It was especially exciting because Barrett had just gotten back from Ethiopia, and he shared with us his journey of adopting his new daughter, Lena! It was incredible to hear about Barrett and his family’s journey that ended in bringing a beautiful new baby girl home to Nashville!

In addition, it was incredible to hear about all of the other efforts African Leadership is involved in. From pastor training to medical supply delivery to building dorms for young men and women, African Leadership is making a great contribution to people in need, and it was fascinating to hear about these efforts from the people who are spearheading them.

Overall, it’s been a fun week, and I’ve truly got to know a lot more about the Mocha Club, fashionABLE, and African Leadership. I’m excited to work with Barrett and help implement all of the wonderful ideas he has for fashionABLE!

Until next time,



Katie Herzig table staffers in Spokane, WA

We’re so thankful for our amazing volunteers across the country! Here’s a pic submitted by MC Campus Reps Sammie Roland (Spokane Community) & Sydney Eggleston (Centenary College) working Katie Herzig’s show in Spokane, WA!  Thank you both for a job well done!

Sammie, Sydney & Katie

Sammie & Sydney with Katie

Check our Events page for volunteer opportunities in your area!

Hawk Nelson table staffers in Duluth

We’re so thankful for our amazing volunteers across the country! Here’s a pic submitted by MC members T. Benjamin Fischer and Emily Elfe – working our table at the Hawk Nelson concert in Duluth, MN.  Thank you both for a job well done!

T. Benjamin Fischer & Emily Elfe

T. Ben & Emily

Hawk Nelson Table Staffer in Chattanooga

We’re so thankful for our amazing volunteers across the country! Here’s a pic submitted by MC member and office volunteer, Sarah Monroe, working the table at the Hawk Nelson concert in Chattanooga on December 3rd. Thanks Sarah!!

Sarah Monroe

MC member & office volunteer Sarah Monroe at the MC table